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Just like honey.

Just like honey.

You need phyllo dough, chopped nuts, white sugar, lemon, honey, and Smart Balance Light.

Boil a cup of water and a cup of sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved to form a syrup, add 1/2 cup of honey and plenty of lemon zest.  Take it off the heat once the honey is all dissolved.

In another small pot, melt a cup of Smart Balance Light (1/2 a tub). It’ll be surprisingly yellow!

Mix your chopped nuts in a bowl with a teaspoon of cinnamon. We used pre-chopped walnuts, but they could have stood to have been chopped up more. Pistachios or almonds would probably also be really good.

At this point you can preheat the oven to 350, or wait a little longer, because assembling the baklava takes a while.

Cut your phyllo to 9×13 pieces or to fit whatever size pan you have.  Lay the first sheet of phyllo in a pan and use a pastry brush to slather melted Smart Balance on (pic 1). Layer 6 or 7 more sheets on top of it. Sprinkle some nuts on (2). Layer and butter a couple more phyllo sheets, then add more nuts. Repeat until you run out. Make sure to butter the top layer as well.

Cut the baklava into cute triangles (3) and bake for 50 minutes in the oven. Remove and pour the syrup all over it (4).


This tastes really great right out of the oven or even the next day. To make it for vegans who don’t eat honey, I bet pure maple syrup would be a good substitute for the honey.



Written by Jessica

September 27, 2009 at 5:25 pm

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